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The is the Khaaaantest!! package for Umbraco. It's a simple contest module that offers a basic but complete contest application for your Umbraco installation.

You can be ready to go in seconds. Download the package install it in a regular Umbraco installation. Then, allow one of your own document types to have children of the "K_Contests" type ("Allowed child nodetypes"). You can now create a "K_Contests" node.

From that node, you can create "K_Contest" nodes that are the actual contests. When you publish that document, it will automatically synchronise with the Khaaaantest database tables, ready to receive contestant entries.

The package adds a section to your Umbraco installation, but to be able to see that section, you have to edit your user's privileges and include the "Contests" section. There you can review, edit and add contestants. You can also pick winners through the user interface.

The package also comes with a jQuery ajax form for your front end that hook's into Umbraco's base REST extensions.

Note: In order to be able to uninstall this package, you must first delete all the document types added by the package. To do this, you can use the code in "Khaaaantest_Contests.cshtml". You can also delete them manually through the backoffice UI.

Warning: Be careful with this, it will cause your content nodes to be deleted as well.!!-package-for-umbraco

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